This July, Go Plastic-Free for Creation!

We are often asked what can we do to help slow climate change?

Each summer, many faith communities participate in Plastic-Free July, a month-long challenge to reduce our use of plastics and to examine the amount of plastic we use in our day-to-day life. Challenges like Plastic-Free July are always great to get your community involved. Plastic-Free July offers some great tips on swapping disposables for reusables.  

We can start by reducing our use of “The Big Four”: 

1. Say no to single-use plastic straws 

2. Bring your reusable bags to the grocery store. Don’t forget the produce bags too! (Most produce doesn’t even need a bag. Leave it naked.) 

3. Bring a full water bottle with you before you leave your house. Phone, wallet, WATER, keys – good to go.  

4. Say no to “to-go” coffee cups by bringing your own or asking for the coffee to stay in a real mug. 

How can your Creation Care Team or parish community get started on “The Big Four”? You can take the challenge and you will be emailed with plastic free tips and delicious plastic free recipes throughout July! For extra help on examining the problem perform a waste audit.  

At any time beyond July or throughout the year, here are some more resources to learn about how plastics and climate change are connected: 

1) The New Coal: Plastics and Climate Change, from Beyond Plastics 

2) How Plastics Contribute to Climate Change, Yale Climate Connections 

3) The Covenant’s past Earth Day Program: Beyond a Throwaway Culture: Reduce Waste–Build Community and related resources

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