Creation Care Teams

Creation Care teams enable committed Catholics to lead the charge to solve climate change—together. We achieve more together, and united action is at the heart of this program.

Whether it’s a group from your parish, workplace, or school, your Creation Care team unites the people around you. You’ll work to make a difference, create more sustainable facilities, and advocate for faith-informed climate policies. Creation Care teams help transform your community to be, in Pope Francis’s words, “protectors of God’s gifts.”

Take a look at what some Creation Care Teams have been doing recently. Get great ideas for your team!

Join us if you’re ready to lead a Creation Care team or of you wish to register an already existing team.

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Join us if you’re ready to lead your team to produce real results in your community. 

If you wish for your CCT to be listed on the map above, please let us know! We only add CCTs to the map after we have CCT leader’s permission.

What We Provide

Every month, your group will receive a resource e-mail. It might contain an advocacy alert, hands-on activities for your team to undertake whether you’re sustainability novices or veterans, and a reflection/prayer for use at your meetings.

In addition, your group will receive wrap-around support. We host conference calls and webinars to train and inspire you. We also provide Creation Care Teams with access to an exclusive Facebook group, where you can share resources and your successes and challenges. 

Finally, we provide access to a Creation Care Teams resource library with toolkits, guides, and how-to materials.  These help you build a network of supporters and put your plans into action. 

Are you considering starting a Creation Care Team? Would you like a longer explanation of our Creation Care teams to show your pastor or encourage new team members? Download our one-page overview here (en Español).

Here is a sample email:

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Creation Care Story

Rachel Mysilvy coordinates the Earth Care Committee at St. John Catholic Church in Lawrence, Kansas. Guided by Catholic environmental teachings, the Earth Care Committee focuses on reducing waste, reusing materials, recycling, and conserving resources to promote environmental awareness throughout the parish community and beyond.  The group gets together to wash dishes and recycle at church events and hosts an annual Lenten discussion series on Earth care.  They are gearing up to educate their community on the moral implications of climate change, the Catholic response, and Pope Francis’s ecology encyclical.

Rachel lives with her family at Wind & Stars Farm, a diversified, small farm in Jefferson County where they raise vegetables and fruits, sheep, chickens, and bees.