Financing solar? “Empowering Good” podcast answers your questions

Catholic parishes and nonprofits are uniquely positioned to live the covenantal relationship with God to be stewards of the Earth. This could include adopting cleaner energy solutions for their buildings and organizations. However, the journey towards solar power and energy efficiency might seem intimidating because of financial concerns.

Mission Energy, the solar development company running our Catholic Energies program, addresses these financial questions in a recent episode of its Empowering Good podcast. We welcome you to learn more about the practical financial considerations of going solar in this episode, where Mission Energy’s Chief Investment Officer, Robert Quist, helps distill layered and complex financial considerations down to hard nickels and dimes.

Robert says, “An important goal is to cut [the nonprofit’s] operating costs… by reducing their electric bill.” Additionally, Robert explains the financial benefits that come from LED lighting and economies of scale. The podcast conversation serves as complementary and timely information for the Catholic Energies program, which helps Catholic organizations save money on their energy bill and direct more resources to the people they serve.

This conversation invites us to learn more about practical steps to take better care of Creation, to serve our neighbor, and to empower good.

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