Statement from Catholic Climate Covenant’s Executive Director Jose Aguto on House Passage of IRA

Today the U.S. Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant climate bill in history. Sent now to President Biden’s desk for signature, the bill puts our nation on the path to cut greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030, create millions of good-paying clean energy jobs, invest in environmental justice, and reduce energy bills for working families across the country.

Its $369 billion in energy and climate investments include clean energy tax credits for wind and solar, electric vehicles, and heat pumps; more than $60 billion for environmental justice including cleaning up polluted sites; up to $60 billion for domestic clean energy manufacturing; and $27 billion to speed the development of emissions reductions technologies, especially in impacted communities.

Statement from Catholic Climate Covenant’s Executive Director Jose Aguto:

“The Inflation Reduction Act provides authentic hope for future generations, bringing our nation and world closer to emissions reduction goals, closer to each other, and closer to a better world. At this moment, we especially celebrate the work of thousands of U.S. Catholics who joined the Encounter for Our Common Home campaign. In tandem with ecumenical and interfaith efforts, the faith community nationally sounded a moral call to federal legislators to care for creation and our most vulnerable brothers and sisters across the country and the globe.

This legislation is needed at this moment to help us address our climate crisis, but we know that we are far from finished. The legislation is not perfect, as it continues and expands some incentives for fossil fuel exploration and mining. Our work to help ensure a thriving world for generations must continue, particularly in already heavily polluted communities that need our  solidarity. We must redouble our efforts for increased resources for climate adaptation and resilience programs, especially in these frontline communities.

With eyes of faith and hearts of joy, we at Catholic Climate Covenant and the Encounter campaign celebrate today’s climate action as we continue to yearn for even more fulsome climate solutions. By protecting our planet, we can help bring God’s merciful love to all life on earth, a world we hold in common, and a world that is desperate for kinship.”

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