Through Laudato Si’ Action Plan, U.S. Catholics can help build a better world. We need you.

A key mission of the Catholic Climate Covenant is to plant and nurture the seeds of stewardship of Creation into the spirit, prayers, words and deeds of the U.S. Catholic Church, and all of the institutions for which she cares. If you are reading this, we know you care about Creation, and we hope you will help us bring others along!

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This next year offers all of us – you, our partners and supporters – an enormous opportunity to have these seeds of stewardship take hold across the many fields that comprise the U.S. Church. That is because Covenant is blessed to be the lead organizer for the U.S. Catholic Church’s response to the Vatican’s Laudato Si’Action Platform – a 7-year global effort to animate this spirit of care and action for Creation in Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, colleges, religious orders, health care facilities, NGOs, farms and businesses.    

Envision how many of the nearly 2 million students in the 6000+ parochial schools who might learn of care for creation in religious formation, and then might submit projects for science fairs with sustainability themes that propose ideas for cleaner water, ecosystem restoration, and clean energy technologies. And that is just one Church sector that will be touched by this Laudato Si’ Action Platform! Please DONATE now.

We are also reaching out to Native American tribal leaders and, more intentionally, to communities of color enduring environmental injustice, hoping to learn from, accompany, and collaborate with them.  Imagine nuns and brothers, stooping shoulder to shoulder with tribal peoples to plant tribal corn seeds on their ancestral lands upon which monasteries and convents are located.   

The potential to multiply the efforts to meet the Creator’s call to care for creation and our brothers and sisters is greater than it ever has been before.  We are blessed to work with you in the shared endeavor, for the greater glory of God.  Will you join us? 

Please DONATE now to help us build a better world. We simply can’t do it without you.

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