New “Empowering Good” podcast to explore renewable energy solutions for the future of the planet, nonprofits and faith groups

As our nation and world prepare for a post-pandemic future together, Mission Energy, the solar developer managing our Catholic Energies program, has launched a podcast that explores renewable energy solutions for our planet and the nonprofits pursuing this change for the better.

The first episode of the “Empowering Good” Podcast features two Catholic leaders, Sr. Geraldine Klein and Fr. Jim O’Shea, who share why and how their religious congregations have chosen to go solar.

Sr. Geraldine Klein is the General Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate n San Antonio, TX. Their works in education, pastoral ministry, social work, and health care have been an expression of the compassion of Jesus to the poor.

They pledged themselves “to tend the lonely, the least, the lost, the last, and the left out.” Sr. Geraldine also considers this mission an impetus to respond to climate change. In the podcast conversation with host Page Gravely of Mission Energy, she said: “We know, very much, from scientists, that people who are disadvantaged and in countries particularly that are disadvantaged, … that they are the ones most hit by climate change. And then of course there’s the call to do more for poor, wounded Mother Earth.”

Sr. Geraldine’s congregation believes that going solar is one way to answer this call. In San Antonio, especially, she laughs, “We have plenty of sun, so we won’t worry about that.”

On the East Coast, Fr. Jim O’Shea is the Provincial Superior of the Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross, based in Brooklyn in New York City. The Passionists are a Catholic religious community serving in the eastern parts of the United States and Canada in parishes, retreat and spiritual centers, monasteries, and residences. Their motto is, “May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts.”

Fr. Jim describes how this motto influenced their decision to go solar. He said, “Our charisms—or particular gifts that the congregation exhibits in the world—come out of the passion of Jesus… the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus… So, in our community, as we were emerging with that charism, we had a particular Passionist, Thomas Berry, who was in this province. And he really become an early light in this whole idea [of caring for the Earth]. As he used to say, ‘If we don’t take care of this planet… all the rest of what we’re doing makes no difference, no matter what good we do, if we’re destroying the very place we live.’”

Inspired by this call to action, Fr. Jim started a conversation with Catholic Energies.

As the solar developer for Catholic Energies, Mission Energy welcomes listeners to learn more about the work of helping nonprofits across the country go solar and save money. By reducing energy costs, nonprofits can put more resources into carrying out their critical missions. For Catholics, that includes living our covenant with God to be stewards of the Earth.

Podcast episodes will help answer:

  • How are these benefits viewed in the eyes of Catholic leaders?
  • What makes their interest and decision-making process unique?
  • How is clean energy aligned to their mission?

Episodes will be 10-15 minutes long, and listeners will hear diverse voices from nonprofit organizations, as well as perspectives from contractors and investors to give leaders, parishioners and communities a full picture of the benefits of solar and energy efficiency projects for nonprofits to remain sustainable and empower good.

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