Help needed for church’s response to super Typhoon Goni in the Philippines

From Catholic Relief Services, we have an update on the Church’s response to super Typhoon Goni.

With wind speeds of 195 miles per hour, Super Typhoon Goni slammed into the Philippines on November 1. Said to be the strongest since Typhoon Haiyan, the super typhoon destroyed homes and land, displacing families as emergency teams helped with evacuations as fast as possible—all during a global health crisis.

An estimated 346,000 people have already sought refuge in evacuation centers and about 19.8 million people living within 35 miles may be affected.

Catholic Relief Services is on the ground, providing lifesaving assistance. Based on initial information from various sources, emerging unmet needs are food, potable water and shelter materials. While the national government has reported that at least 11 persons died and two were injured, observations and spot reports suggest that many families lost their homes due to mudflow, with one nearby town reporting up to 90% of homes destroyed.

To help with donations for families affected by Typhoon Goni in the Philippines, please visit: in English and here in Spanish

Thank you for your help.

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