Inflation Reduction Act: Information for the Faith Community

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the biggest climate investment in history! We want to make sure you have the proper resources to access IRA funding as it continues rolling out. With many different opportunities for grants and direct pay from tax cuts even for non-profits, IRA is providing many churches and communities of faith with the resources they need to make a green transition. Use the resources below to find out how you and your community can benefit from IRA funding in your home parish!

1) Energy and Climate Resiliency Funding Opportunities for Houses of Worship, run by United Women in Faith and co-sponsored by Catholic Climate Covenant, is a hub for IRA information, providing links for grant applications, webinars, and other funding opportunities.

2) The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provide an unprecedented level of funding for climate solutions and policies. This resource page serves as a hub with the latest guidance, upcoming deadlines, and new resources to help inform states, cities, towns, businesses, NGOs and individuals on how to access funding from the new legislation.

3) Watch a recording of an Interfaith Power and Light webinar with the Department of Energy that was co-sponsored by Catholic Climate Covenant for information on what is covered under IRA tax credits and for more information on Direct Pay for non-profits.

Click to watch video!

4) Check out this FAQ sheet for some of the most asked questions answered by professionals at the Department of Energy for more information on how IRA can be utilized by houses of worship.

5) On this site (Federal Funding for Energy Work at Houses of Worship) you can find information on future webinars hosted by IPL and co-hosted by Catholic Climate Covenant as well as other very helpful links and guides.

Be sure to make use of the funding you worked so hard to get passed last year! And once you do, share your success story through this form to bring positivity to the conversation!