September is the time in the northern hemisphere’s temperate zones that the earth’s abundant gifts are everywhere: in the fields, in the farmers’ markets, in the supermarket, in our gardens and orchards. The weather is still warm, but shorter days turn our minds and hearts to the darker days to come. The church offers us reminders that closeness to God entails more than keeping a set of rules. Throughout September the scriptures stress that solidarity with the poor is essential in the life of Christians.  The figure of the Suffering Servant, a foreshadowing of Jesus, and Jesus himself are models of a life marked not by ambition and egoism but by listening to God and others. Jesus healing miracles tell us that we need to see and to hear the voice of God speaking through the people and events in our lives. Pope Francis is the first pope to teach that we are all part of the web of life and that we are a part of nature and in constant interaction with it.  We are responsible for healing nature and for the flourishing of the web of life for the good of all.

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