Young Adult Advisory Board

The Catholic Climate Covenant Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB) brings together young professionals aged 21-39 to engage in faith-based climate action within the US Catholic Church through strategy, fundraising, volunteering, and outreach. This board provides a unique platform for young professionals to contribute their advice and expertise to help animate Catholic Climate Covenant’s mission and vision, develop skills and expand their networks. Emerging leaders not only enhance their expertise but also forge valuable connections with other young professionals at the intersection of faith and sustainability.

If you are a young professional who is passionate about addressing the climate crisis, consider applying to the Catholic Climate Covenant Young Adult Advisory Board. Join to strengthen your network and build skills in faith-based climate action, and to advance the Covenant’s mission to inspire and equip people and institutions to care for creation.

Why you should join:

  • Contribute your expertise: Organize events, advocate for climate policy, advise the Covenant, grow young adult interest, and educate others about the climate crisis.
  • Gain leadership skills: Young Adult Advisory Board members have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by participating in meetings, planning events, and representing the board to the public.
  • Bring together science and faith: Deepen your understanding of climate solutions and the Catholic Church’s teachings on care of creation.
  • Broaden your professional network: collaborate with other young professionals and leaders within the climate change community.
  • Leverage community through resources: The Catholic Climate Covenant has a wealth of resources on climate change, including educational materials, training programs, and networking opportunities.
  • Build community: Young Adult Advisory Board members volunteer alongside other young professionals, leaders from the Catholic Climate Covenant and other partner organizations working on climate change.
  • Get recognized for your work: Young Adult Advisory Board members are often recognized for their work by the Catholic Climate Covenant and other organizations. 
  • Ground in faith: We see the Church as having a unique role in addressing the climate crisis. Young Adult Advisory Board members move through this crisis with action, community, and hope.

What you’ll do:

  • Support the mission of Catholic Climate Covenant by enacting and promoting care of creation efforts.
  • Attend four of six Young Adult Advisory Board meetings annually. Meetings are virtual and take place every 2 months.
  • Provide or fundraise for an annual contribution to the organization as determined by the YAAB.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for Catholic Climate Covenant when requested.
  • Participate in two activities or events sponsored by Catholic Climate Covenant each year and encourage participation by others.
  • Shape the development of the Young Adult Advisory Board by recruiting new members, planning the structure of the board, and creating opportunities for young adult involvement throughout the organization.