Press Release: National Catholic Campaign Launched to Encourage Care for Creation

November 15, 2021  



Washington, D.C.: Today a national coalition of U.S. Catholic organizations announced the “We’re All Part of God’s Plan(et)” campaign to educate, inspire and equip the U.S. Catholic community to embrace and act upon the teachings of Laudato Si’and to care for creation. The U.S. effort follows and supports the Vatican’s launch of the enrollment phase of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform offers the first-ever suite of practical resources to help Catholic institution across seven sectors – families/individuals, parishes and dioceses, educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare centers, organizations and groups, economic entities and religious orders – to generate plans to accomplish seven Laudato Si’ Goals.

“At this moment of ecological crisis, we must begin healing in all relationships – with God, our neighbors across the nation and world, and Creation itself,” said Jose Aguto, Catholic Climate Covenant executive director. “U.S. Catholic involvement in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform will enable us all to walk the healing path together, with our hearts, minds and hands to protect our common home and accompany our neighbors most vulnerable to climate change.”

The global Church effort follows the COP26 gathering in Glasgow as a commitment to be part of the solution to the climate crisis. Registration for the Platform opened November 14, 2021 and continues through April 22, 2022. Registering provides access to Laudato Si’planning guides and resources to enable participating organizations to develop and implement comprehensive action plans. In the United States, religious orders, universities and others have expressed strong commitment to the Platform, and there were at least 17 U.S. dioceses and 58 U.S. parishes that already pledged commitment to registering in the Platform.

For the U.S. Catholic community, the “We’re all Part of God’s Plan(et)” campaign is designed to encourage, accompany and resource engagement with the Platform, also structured along the seven Catholic sectors and 7 goals. As the home for U.S.-specific resources and news, it will feature best practices, action plans, events and inspiring work. It is also an interactive place where groups and families can share ideas, challenges, and opportunities, and seek further guidance and accompaniment. 

The “We’re all Part of God’s Plan(et)” campaign launch includes placing national ads in Catholic and young adult-geared outlets and publications, digital materials for social media, print materialsfor groups and churches, downloadable materialsfor wide distribution, a 30-second video, and campaign merchandisefor groups to encourage and participation and action in the Vatican’s effort. 

The campaign is managed by Catholic Climate Covenantand its member partners. It will embrace the support and engagement of many other Catholic partners who also have capacity for outreach, educational and advocacy programs in the United States. 

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