U.S. Bishops

Especially since their 1991 pastoral statement Renewing The Earth, the U.S. Catholic bishops have identified creation care and climate change as moral issues for all people of faith and goodwill. In particular, the bishops recognize that environmental degradation disproportionately harms the poor and marginalized who are often least responsible for its causes.

“Our obligation to the one human family stretch across space and time. They tie us to the poor in our midst and across the globe, as well as to future generations. The commandment to love our neighbor invites us to consider to poor and marginalized of our nations as true brothers and sisters who share with us the one table of life intended by God for the enjoyment of all.” The USCCB Statement on Global Climate Change, pg. 11

“Our care for one another and our care for the earth are intimately bound together. Climate change is one of the principal challenges facing society and the global community. The effects of climate change are borne by the most vulnerable people, whether at home or around the world.” USCCB Global Climate Change Background

“Efforts to address climate change must take into account creation and its relationship to ‘the least of thes’e (Matthew 25). Too frequently we observe the damaging impacts form climate-related events in the United States and across the globe, particularly on the poor and vulnerable communities. Beyond the regulations, the United States should exercise leadership for a globally negotiated climate change agreement.” USCCB Letter to EPA Administrator McCarthy

USCCB has published a new book, “Catholic Teaching on the Environment” for the anniversary of Laudato Si. This easily digestible book brings together the writings of the Magisterium and the words of Sacred Scripture, and offers prayers for creation and in praise of the Creator. Get your copy here.