Sisters of Mercy: Impact of Climate Change and Reflection Guide

Impact of Climate Change Reflection Guide, from the Sisters of Mercy lays out crucial climate change concerns as they correlate to the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. Outlining issues dealing with the Earth and ecosystems, racism, immigration and internal displacement, escalating conflict, and the education and empowerment of women, this reflection guide warns of the consequences of continued non-action on climate change.

Catholic Relief Services: Our Common Home

Climate Change, from Catholic Relief Services is a comprehensive educational and advocacy guide to the moral obligation of the Catholic community to take action to address climate change. Espousing Pope Francis's teaching that our attitude towards the protection of the Earth is directly tied to the protection of the world's most vulnerable populations, this guide contains personal stories of climate change victims, and outlines what we as individuals can do to help. It can be viewed here.

LCWR: Climate: A Common Good

Climate: A Common Good, from Marianne Comfort and Leadership Conference of Women Religious contains an analysis of the social impact of climate change. From devastating natural disasters to widespread crop failure, climate refugees to increased spread of disease, the progress of climate change will continue to impact the poorest populations of the Earth. Pope Francis urges us to consider our individual lifestyle choices, and to make positive changes to protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters.

USCCB: Discussion Guide

Compiled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Laudato Si' Discussion Guide provides individuals and groups with a framework for studying Pope Francis's encyclical, facilitating prayer, discussion, and reflection, as well as highlighting ways in which the Catholic community can respond to Pope Francis's call to action.