A clearly articulated common faith is a great source of strength as we work to solve climate change together. Please see below for resources that will help you understand and apply the science and our faith tradition.

Over the past several decades, lots Catholics have come to a deeper appreciation of God’s good gift of creation.

Pope Francis chose his papal name to honor St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of those who promote ecology.

Pope Francis’s attention to creation is not a new focus for the papacy.

Especially since their 1991 pastoral statement Renewing The Earth, the U.S. Catholic bishops have identified creation care and climate change as moral issues for all people of faith and goodwill.

Catholic bishops from every continent emphasize that creation care and climate change are moral issues for people of faith and goodwill.

The Church Fathers and Mothers are those men and women who shaped the Christian tradition in the early centuries of the Church.

Throughout His ministry, Jesus wove creation into teachings, parables and prayers. Jesus often used creation to illustrate how we are called to love one another, and in doing so affirmed the goodness of God’s gift for which we must care.

The Bible reveals to us that creation is a good gift which God has made and invited us to steward. Through Scripture, we come to recognize and appreciate God’s vision for the asesome world which God created.

The Holy Father and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recognize climate change as a moral issue that threatens creation, places added burdens on poor people, and compromises the common good of all.

Consistent with traditional Catholic teaching, Catholic Climate Covenant recognizes care for creation and a concern for climate change as a pro-life issue.