November in Ordinary Time, Cycle B (2018)

In the month of November, we invite you to reflect on the Sunday scripture readings through the lens of chapter 6 of Laudato Si’: Ecological Education and Spirituality.”  To hear God’s voice in the contemporary world threatened by climate change, we all need some remedial ecological education.  It is to be viewed as part of our individual and collective evangelization as the Church.  However, it is essential that we do not compartmentalize that education or confine it to a scientific sphere.

October in Ordinary Time, Cycle B (2018)

We begin the month of October celebrating the feast of Francis of Assisi, the saint from whom Pope Francis draws so much inspiration.  Francis of Assisi spent his life in service of the poor, of peace and of the planet.  Francis of Rome defends these same issues passionately in Laudato Si’.  During this month of October we hear the Pope’s call for dialogue at all levels in the service of the poor and of the embattled earth, our common home.  Again and again he challenges individuals and nations to move beyond greed and overconsumption, and to seek in their place self-sacrifice, generosity a

September in Ordinary Time, Cycle B (2018)

September is the time in the northern hemisphere’s temperate zones that the earth’s abundant gifts are everywhere: in the fields, in the farmers’ markets, in the supermarket, in our gardens and orchards. The weather is still warm, but shorter days turn our minds and hearts to the darker days to come. The church offers us reminders that closeness to God entails more than keeping a set of rules.

August in Ordinary Time, Cycle B (2018)

The August readings for Cycle B provide us a first-rate opportunity to reflect on and implement the teaching of Pope Francis in Chapter 3 of Laudato Si’.  His underlying contention is evident in the title of the chapter: “The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis.”  Many have disagreed with this teaching of the Pope, in large part because the recognition that we are responsible for our environmental problems places responsibilities on those who are culpable.  Like the Israelites of the Old Testament and the Apostles of the New, we are challenged to dig deep and discern the values th

July in Ordinary Time, Cycle B (2018)

Science and politics tend to dominate our thoughts, concerns and conversations about climate change and its impact on the environment in which we all live here on our common home. The Bible offers to people of faith, who believe in God as Creator, a beautiful Gospel of Creation. It can greatly enrich our conversations and our shared struggle to appreciate what we’ve got and our search for ways to protect it. The Sunday Scriptures of this month will find fresh meaning when read together with Laudato Si's second chapter on that Gospel of Creation.

Easter, Cycle B (2018)

Spiritually, the Easter Season is the most meaningful time of our Liturgical year. During these fifty days we are called to absorb the impact and spiritual meaning of the Resurrection. Then we need to apply it to our lives and our world. That includes the ecological dimension of our lives. The last two chapters of Laudato Si' invite us to understand that Care for our Common Home is a consequence of our belief in Jesus’ resurrection. Chapter 5 focuses on what we need to do, accenting especially the importance of dialoging about our ecological situation, on many fronts.

Lent, Cycle B (2018)

Lent is our annual opportunity to refresh the spiritual dimension of our existence and to renew our identity as persons baptized in Christ. It starts each year sometime in the dark midst of Winter but ends in Spring, when our seemingly dormant world brightens and again comes to life. During this time we experience the core cycle of our faith in all of our senses – the cycle thru Death to Resurrection. What we see and hear, touch, smell and taste enables us to know that something new is happening.

Advent, Cycle B (2017)

During Advent, we look forward to an event that transforms that very meaning of human existence. Through the "yes" of a humble young woman, the Logos of God came to dwell among us, becoming intimately and irrevocably united with our humanity and with all creation. As we look forward to the birth of the Christ once again, we are aware that we, our communities, and the Earth itself all look forward to the possibility of new life. 

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