Care for Creation 2020 Lenten Calendar

Created by St. Francis Xavier Environment Ministry

Special thanks to Mary Jane Gocher, Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York City, for preparing these.

If you would simply like to print out the calendar as-is, please access these PDF files (2 pages):

If you would like to download the original format (Excel Spreadsheets) in order to customize the calendars, here are the original files:


2020 Daily Care for Creation Calendar - 3 Languages

Archdiocese of Washington Care for Creation Committee





Diocese of Worcester 2020 Interactive Lenten Calendar



Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Mercy Meatless Mondays Lent 2020



  • pdf list of corresponding Bible verses for Ash Wednesday and each Sunday of Lent, as well as brief prayer intentions for Ash Wednesday and each Sunday of Lent

Good Friday: