A panel discussion focused on building a new economy rooted in care for creation. The panelists presented about the “Economy of Francesco”, “a global gathering of young people determined to make the economy fair, sustainable, and inclusive.”

The Vatican describes the Economy of Francesco as “a different economy, one that helps people live and does not kill, that includes and does not exclude, that humanizes rather than dehumanizes, that takes care of creation and does not plunder it.”

We heard from Catholic entrepreneurs, activists, and movement leaders who are answering Pope Francis' call to build a new, moral economy -- one that centers on the vulnerable and most marginalized and cares for creation. Panelists shared their takeaways from the recent Economy of Francesco Conference in Assisi and discussed how they are putting Laudato Si' principles into practice. There will also held space for reflection and discernment on pathways for future action.

Colin Gilbert, (USA) Partner, Francesco Collaborative 
Lucas Torres de Jesus (Brazil) Founder of Nave a Vela 
Marta Avesani (Italy) Consultant at Economy for Good
Kelli Reagan Hickey, Francesco Collaborative