In the month of November, we invite you to reflect on the Sunday scripture readings through the lens of chapter 6 of Laudato Si’: Ecological Education and Spirituality.”  To hear God’s voice in the contemporary world threatened by climate change, we all need some remedial ecological education.  It is to be viewed as part of our individual and collective evangelization as the Church.  However, it is essential that we do not compartmentalize that education or confine it to a scientific sphere. Christian spirituality, its vision and deepest hope are as important as our knowledge of scientific facts or our reading of the signs of the times.  A biblically-informed reflection on worldviews of scarcity and of abundance can also be a form of listening and discerning the voice of God amidst the socio-political and economic realities.  We will be invited to deepen our understanding of the Eucharist, how it is related to the issues around environmental justice, and to our call to share in Christ’s dominion. 

Lectionary Cycle: