This is the second of a two-part webinar series for “Encounter for Our Common Home” - a campaign calling upon our fellow Catholics to meet with their U.S. Senators the week of May 2nd to support legislation that meaningfully addresses the climate crisis. (Watch Webinar #1 here)

This webinar covers:
1) What's the ask and why now?  
2) Why infuse legislative visits with a culture of encounter?   
3) What is the roadmap of a successful encounter?   
4) Why are we using tailored approaches for different Senators?
5) How can we leverage social media for results?  

1) Jose Aguto, Catholic Climate Covenant Executive Director
2) Henry Glynn, young Catholic climate activist and Catholic Climate Covenant advocacy intern
3) Chris West, Director of the Partnership, Training, and Engagement Unit for Catholic Relief Services
4) Kelly Hickman, young adult Catholic activist and leader, and CRS volunteer
5) Emily Burke, young Catholic climate activist and Catholic Climate Covenant social media manager

Moderator and speaker:  Marianne Comfort, justice coordinator for Earth, antiracism, and women for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas