We are living in a time of multiple crises, all calling us to take action. In the summer of 2020, racism, a global pandemic, climate change, pollution, wildfires, and detained immigrants, are all crises that we must confront. How are these multiple crises connected? How do the words, “I can’t breathe” connect to our faith? How can the tools of mindfulness meditation and compassion drawn from our faith guide us in responding appropriately in constructive ways, so that the Earth and all beings may flourish? 

Sr. Joan Brown, OSF, executive director of New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light,  lifts up the haunting words of George Floyd, “I can’t breathe” and weave the multiple “I can’t breathe” moments of immigrants, Covid-19 patients, wildfires, pollution….and the life giving breathe of Pentecost. 

We are also be joined by Sr. Kathleen Kaelin, OSU, faculty at the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center, who  offers a short, guided meditation, focused on breathing.  The richness of contemplative prayer/meditation will reduce our stress and empower us to continue standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and allow us to carry on with our work to protect God’s creation.