Submitted by Rene Monaghan

This is an outdoor activity for Families to enjoy while thanking God for all he has created. It will have the family look closely at that creation, pray for it and pray that they themselves will value all creation and an activity (mostly for children) to remember to appreciate and care for all creation. Hopefully, this will have them work to protect all of God's creations. There is a craft activity for the family to do. They can hang it in a prominent place in their home to remind them to Respect All of God's Creation.

Submitted by Susana Escayola, Florida

My original artwork depicts the beauty and interconnection of Creation by the DIvine Artist - God -

as seen through the eyes of Brother Wolf. 

Artist: Susana Escayola

Mixed Media on Paper

poster of the 7 days of creation for kids | ... Bible First - Products -  Visualized Song: The Seven Day… | Days of creation, 7 days of creation,  Creation activities


Submitted by Sara, AU





Submitted by Paul Schlachter, FL

A hymn following Psalm 2 and Laudato Si' in four verses with organ accompaniment that highlights God's timely intervention in the climate crisis.

Submitted by Marianne Comfort, Md

This is a map of how spring evolved during the early months of the pandemic, as my husband and I experienced the blooming of trees and flowers and the emergence of birds and other wildlife on our daily walks in our neighborhood. 

Submitted by Sandi, Kentucky

Awareness took on a whole new meaning when I began my journey as a Contemplative nearly two years ago.


Submitted by Mark, Florida
I wrote CHS for Come Holy Spirit on a postit paper, and taped it on the top of my computer display.  Throughout the day, I simply look at it and say Come Holy Spirit.  I helps to take a one minute break from work and focus on the love and power of God.

Submitted by Mai, CA
Hello, my name is Mai. I am from California. I went to the University of California at Santa Cruz for my Bachelors in Environmental Studies, and to Loyola Marymount University for my Masters in Education. I recently had the opportunity to serve the Honduran community in Juticalpa and immerse myself in the culture. Previously, I worked as an elementary teacher. In my spare time, I like to be outdoors, to go hiking, and to go to the beach. 

Submitted by Doug, Md
I have performed poems, my own and some from Gerard Manley Hopkins and others, that relate to themes of Laudato Si'. Included here is the brochure- for parishes and Catholic schools- and participant 'cheat sheet.' 

Submitted by Mary Sharon Moore, OR

A memo arrived earlier today, bearing news I needed to hear.

The memo says, simply: Your beloved McKenzie River is doing just fine. … As are all the fir trees and pine, hemlock, and spruce, the dogwood, the wild rhodies, oxalis, and ferns.

All of it—Doing. Just. Fine.

This four-minute profile invites the listener into the lush sounds of Creation and rich memory of immersion in the mystery of hiking in nearby nature. Music by David Phillips, Gentle Spirit Music.

Submitted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston, TX

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston learned to play the ukulele to perform "Litany of the Earth" a musical rendition of Pope Francis’ “Prayer for the Earth” in time for Laudato Si' Week and the 5th anniversary of that inspiring encyclical on Caring for Our Common Home.  

Sr. Symphonie Giao-Huong Ngoc Ngo, a music teacher in a local Catholic school, taught the Sisters ukulele and led them in praising God through song. Sr Angelica Gonzalez led the singing. Here is the result of our creative collaboration: a music video of “Litany for the Earth” that shows the CCVI Sisters’ solidarity with Pope Francis’ plea to heal our common home to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si’

We performed the hymn during evening prayer on May 20th and premiered the music video with our Sisters and friends on social media. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Submitted by Rev Dr Charles Rue, MA

Prayer is a powerful way for both individual and believing communities to bring Laudato Si' to life. Scriptural based prayer is both tradition based and addresses a local situation. In 1988 at its General Assembly the Columban Mission Society, inspired by Rev Dr Sean McDonagh, declared ecological work integral to its mission. Committed since then to listen to the twin cry of the poor and the cry of the earth, I have been publishing and campaigning for dialogue on care for earth. My latest work is on the Columban website in Australia. 

Submitted by Mary-Cabrini Durkin, OH

Angela Merici (1474-1540), founder of the Company of St. Ursula

Submitted by Elena Gaona, DC

Little Free Pantry in Washington, DC is helping neighbors help neighbors.

Submitted by Paz Artaza-Regan, Md

An 'arpillera" from Peru depicting Noah's apt metaphor for the work we do to preserve our common home. This has hung in my son's bedroom ever since he was a baby and we decorated it with an animal theme. He now works to preserve wild rivers, restore damaged rivers, and conserve clean water. 

Submitted by the Hoenke Family. MD

Updating our Saint Kateri Habitat and filling in more lawn with native plants!

Submitted by Sister Martha Torbik, osf, NY

This is a presentation in celebration of Mother Earth - all done virtually through the use of 9 YouTube features of Song, Reflection, Education and Prayer.

Submitted by Don Parda, WA

Combat global warming! Go GreenBetween 55F to 85F (13C to 30C). Don’t heat above 55F/13C. Don’t air-condition below 85F/30C. Do it yourself. Promote it to others.

Submitted by Sister Martha Torbik, NY

This is a Prayer Service I will use in a Celebration of the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si'.

Submitted by Diana Gorham, MO

Easter Creation

This banner was designed by Diana Gorham and sewn by Dorothy Rossi, both who are parishoners of Sts. Joachim & Ann Parish in St. Charles MO.