Young Adult Mobilization Intern

I come to Catholic Climate Covenant ready to be engaged in bridging Catholic Social Teaching with creation, both in my daily life and on a global scale. As an educator, having taught at an all-girls high school for four years, I know just how important and powerful knowledge can be. I have seen a deeper understanding of self, others, and the wider world empower young people just as much as it has empowered me. As a member of this team, I hope to share my background in education, recruitment, public speaking, and writing to continue learning, teaching, and inspiring.

I also hope to share my background as someone who was born in Mississippi and raised in New Mexico; who spent twelve years with the Felician Sisters of North America; and who has had opportunities to travel to places like Haiti, Panama, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Canada, and over 20 U.S. states. This earth and its people matter to me, so I feel incredibly blessed to be involved in care for all of creation on such a tangible and energizing level.