The 2023 Laudato Si’ and the U.S. Catholic Church (June 14-July 27, 2023) national conference, is part of a biennial conference series  co-sponsored by Creighton University and Catholic Climate Covenant to equip and inspire Catholics to more deeply integrate Laudato Si’ and its creation care teachings into the U.S. Church. The purpose of this year's conference is  to encourage a greater understanding of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform’s seven goals – Response to the Cry of the Poor, Ecological Economics, Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyle, Ecological Education, Ecological Spirituality, Community Resilience and Empowerment, and Response to the Cry of the Earth – and encourage Catholic individuals and groups to enroll in the Platform, providing them with a clearer path for accomplishing each of the goals through speaker presentations.  

Video recordings and Spanish interpretation (audio) of sessions:

1) June 14, 2023: Opening Keynote Session with Ms. Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)who brokered the Paris Agreement. (and Spanish audio)

2) June 21, 2023: "Response to the Cry of the Poor" (PowerPoint Slides and Spanish audio)

3) June 27, 2023: "Ecological Economics" (Dileo, Garlow, Partis PowerPoint slides, Schneider slides, and Spanish audio)

4) June 29, 2023: "Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles"  (PowerPoint slides and Spanish audio)

5) July 11, 2023: "Ecological Education" (PowerPoint Slides - includes slides from Dr. Erin M. Brigham and Kate McGarey-Vasey - and Spanish audio)

6) July 13, 2023: "Ecological Spirituality"  (PowerPoint Slides and Spanish audio)

7) July 19, 2023: "Community Resilience and Empowerment" (PowerPoint Slides - includes slides from Fr. Bauman and Rev. Nock - and Spanish audio)

8) July 25,2023: "Response to the Cry of the Earth" (PowerPoint Slides - includes slides from Dr. Martinez and Dcn.Kent Ferris - DiLeo slides, and Spanish audio)

9) July 27, 2023: Closing Session Laudato Si' U.S. Champions Awards (PowerPoint Slides and Spanish audio)