Submitted by Rene Monaghan

This is an outdoor activity for Families to enjoy while thanking God for all he has created. It will have the family look closely at that creation, pray for it and pray that they themselves will value all creation and an activity (mostly for children) to remember to appreciate and care for all creation. Hopefully, this will have them work to protect all of God's creations. There is a craft activity for the family to do. They can hang it in a prominent place in their home to remind them to Respect All of God's Creation.

I pledge to teach others to respect and care for God's creation through my parish and the Scouting groups I work with as well as the general public. I will continue to work with households in designing and choosing the proper trees, shrubs and flowers to attract our native insects, birds and wildlife back into our communities. This is important so that our world thrives to sustain not only plants, animals, insects and marine life but so that the earth can sustain not only our own grandchildren but the future generations of all mankind.