The Covenant’s 90-minute program enables U.S. Catholics to host in-person or virtual sessions to grow in their understanding and call to care for creation as integral to the Catholic faith through prayer, education and action. It is part of the Season of Creation being marked worldwide with hundreds of events, prayers and activities. The program includes prayers, readings, a short video, discussion questions, and suggested activities. This year, in addition to an in-person group version, we also provide a version for individual/virtual group use. 

The 2020 Feast of St. Francis program is framed around St. Francis’ famous prayer, the Canticle of Creatures,  to illuminate our current journey from the pandemic, from indifference to climate change, from political partisanship, to a place of healing through God, with each other and with Creation. The program ends by offering ways to act, including courageous conversations with friends and family, learning more about our civic duties as Catholics, pledging to vote, and ways to embrace the call to protect life, our vulnerable communities and neighbors, and God’s creation which sustains life.