You’ve heard about the Green New Deal, an ambitious, visionary, and for some, controversial Congressional proposal to deal with the urgent climate crisis while simultaneously investing in job creation and advancing social and racial justice. Do you have questions about how we as people of faith should respond to the Green New Deal?

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, Catholic Climate Covenant hosted this educational webinar to discuss Catholic Social Teaching and The Green New Deal.

Topics discussed:

- What the Green New Deal is, how and why it’s a lightning rod on Capitol Hill and around the nation, and why young people are the driving force behind this proposal.

- How Catholic social teaching should inform legislative approaches (such as the Green New Deal) that address climate change.

- How the US Catholic community can faithfully respond to legislative opportunities that address the climate crisis, including ideas found in the Green New Deal.


Marianne Comfort, Justice Coordinator for Earth, Anti-Racism and Women, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Erin Lothes Biviano, PhD, Associate Professor of Theology, College of Saint Elizabeth

Evan Weber, Political Director, Sunrise Movement