This is the first in a series of webinars that will shine light on diocesan care for creation efforts in the United States. In this online seminar you will hear from representatives in the Archdioceses of Atlanta and Chicago present about:

a) How their archdioceses became leading Laudato Si’ champions in the United States.
b) Who was behind the efforts to get creation work started within each archdiocese and how the effort was successful.
c) Past and current archdiocesan creation care initiatives.
d) Tips on how to get your (arch)diocese to work on Laudato Si’ issues.


  • Susan Varlamoff: co-author - Archdiocese of Atlanta Laudato Si Action Plan and a biologist and writer
  • Brian Savoie: Archdiocese of Atlanta's Sustainability Coordinator
  • Michael Terrien, Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Cindy Cramer, LSAP Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Tony Quintanilla, LSAP Committee, Vicariate Facilitator, Archdiocese of Chicago

Part 2 (featuring Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Dioceses of Joliet and San Diego) can be found here: