Eating “lower on the food chain” is a powerful way to answer Pope Francis’ call to Care for Creation, and something we can all do every day.

To help you and your community take action on climate change and creation care, we provide you with these downloadable and print ready "Creation Care Recipe of the Month" (CCROM).  There are 12 recipes for eating lower on the food chain available. We recommend forwarding the monthly CCROM for inclusion in the Sunday bulletin to your parish communicator 2 ½ - 3 weeks before each month begins, and asking them to work the recipe in once or even twice during its featured month. 

These recipe "cards" are formatted for Sunday bulletins, provided in two formats (Publisher, JPEG), and take approximately 1/3 page. This resource is made available thanks to Andy Panelli of St Elizabeth Seton Church, Orland Hills, IL. and Marilyn Kott,  a volunteer at Commissioned by Christ, a ministry within the Diocese of Arlington, VA. 

Twelve recipes (one per month) are available in either JPEG or Publisher formats:

  1. January 2023:  Black Bean Soup (Main Course, party dish to share).
  2. February 2023:  Cranberry Herb Quinoa (Side Dish)
  3. March 2023:  Mushroom Onion Soup (Side Dish or Light Dinner)
  4. April 2023:  Tortilla Soup (Main Course)
  5. May 2023:  Maple Nut Granola (Snack, or Breakfast accompaniment)
  6. June 2023: Vegan Blueberry Muffins (Snack, or Breakfast accompaniment)
  7. July 2023:  Jerk BBQ Chickpeas (Main Dish)
  8. August 2023:  Collard Greens and Succotash Medley (Hearty Side Dish)
  9. September 2023:  Roasted Vegetable Salad (Hearty Side Dish or Light Dinner)
  10. October 2023:  Curry Pumpkin Bisque (Main Dish)
  11. November 2023:  Champion Chili (Main Dish)
  12. December 2023::  Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Hash (Main Dish or Hearty Side)

People who’d like to learn more about eating in the spirit of Laudato Si’ are invited to download the Sisters of Mercy booklet “Mercy Meatless Mondays” at .  More information on plant-based cooking, eating and nutrition can be found at  .