On this webpage you can find all the materials needed for the 2023 Earth Day program. Most of the links to these materials are also found within the Facilitator and Participant Program Guides.

1) Facilitator Program Guide (includes all links, directions, scripts for program facilitator/leader)

2) Participant Program Guide (full program for printing and online sharing)

3) Simple Living Worksheet (Note: This is part of both the Facilitator and Participant Program Guides. However, we also provide it to you as a stand alone document.)

4) Simple Living Commitments Submission Form

5) Earth Day 2023 VIDEO: (NOTE: This is an updated video. Original video has a small typo and we've edited the typo.)
          a) Watch on YouTube
b) Download video (to play video without internet connection)

6) Editable Fliers (available in English and Spanish)