The materials in this library will help you strengthen and inform your work as a Creation Care Team. You can give this "CCT Program Handout" to your pastor or leadership council to help you explain the benefit of starting a Creation Care Team.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at

Tools for Building a Strong Team

  • Our Getting Started toolkit gives you an overview of top steps to get your team off the ground.
  • Our team Road Map helps you understand where your team will head in the next year.
  • Our Recruitment Toolkit has step-by-step instructions to draw people to your effort.
  • Our Community Engagement guide helps you connect with your leaders and build relationships.
  • Our Communications 101 toolkit will help you reach more people and build better relationships by using your successes to build enthusiasm. 
  • Our Integrating Creation Care into Parish Ministry gives you an overview of how care for creation can inform all parts of parish life.
  • Our Youth Ministries toolkit gives you the resources you need to make the connection between care for creation and your parish's youth ministries. 
  • Our sample bulletin insert and sample flyer will help you spread the word about your good work.
  • Our Courageous Conversations guide helps you talk with those who may doubt human-caused climate change.

Tools on Catholic Teaching and World Events