STM Care for Creation Ministry

St. Thomas More Community is in St. Paul, MN. This church was formally known as the Church of St. Luke which was founded in 1888. In 2008, two parishes merged (St. Luke and Immaculate Heart of Mary). St. Thomas More consists of a church, parish center, and elementary school.

The Care for Creation Ministry was formed in 2015. We hold monthly meetings and have climate-related events on a frequent basis. A few of the highlights these last five years have been:

  • A parish wide energy efficiency audit that resulted in a lighting upgrade reputed to save the parish $10,000 a year. This work was facilitated by EnerChange and the Center for Energy and Environment, a MN based group that works with nonprofits. We saved $10,000 in rebates as well. 
  • Prayer Circle with popular song leader, Marty Haugen to celebrate the release of Laudato Si' with an attendance of 40+.
  • Showing of the film, “Before the Flood” to 70 people from area churches. A discussion led by our STM forestry expert.
  • Yearly meetings with students and their professors from the University of St. Thomas to discuss Laudato Si' with our parishioners.
  • Quotes from Laudato Si' posted on our STM web site.
  • Our pastor, Fr. Sazama, signed the document, "Catholics are Still In,” related to the Paris Agreement.
  • A World Day of Prayer service with an ecological procession, readings, and flute music.
  • Recycling bins bought with a grant for all 3 facilities.
  • Zero-waste events have been held with the spaghetti dinners, Lenten fish fries, and church anniversary party.
  • A plastic pledge to avoid voluntary use of plastic was circulated on Palm Sunday to parishioners. More than 35 returned them signed.
  • Members encouraged to  be active with Catholic Climate Covenant and MN Interfaith Power and Light. (2 have taken the Be the Spark program)
  • STM is a founding member of the St. Paul Interfaith Creation Care Team. This group supports  policies related to carbon emissions in the city of St. Paul.
  • We were represented at the CCC bishops conference in Omaha Nebraska on June 27, 2019.
  • Showing of “True Cost”, a documentary that asks the question “Who really pays the price for our clothing” with a thoughtful community discussion after. 
  • Currently selling tree planting through the TIST program that CCC has initiated. 
  • Climate tips created by a C4C member are put in the bulletin each week.